The Five Hour Challenge

The Problem of Time I’ve always prided myself on being an excellent manager of my time. I understand which obligations are most important, whether personally or professionally, and how I can ensure that I accomplish those tasks first. I’ve utilized Google Calendar to manage my personal and professional deadlines. I’ve utilized Google Keep to store… Read More The Five Hour Challenge

Adventures in Innovation, Technology

BoostEDU: 4 C’s Self Assessment Launching May 6!

It has been far too long since I have shared updates on my Google Innovator Project, BoostEDU. BoostEDU is a program that supports teachers in transforming their traditional lessons into 21st-century lessons through an inquiry-based self-assessment and guided lesson design process. Currently, the program hosts a SAMR self-assessment, as well as a guided lesson design… Read More BoostEDU: 4 C’s Self Assessment Launching May 6!


Please…Never Stop

Many of my blog posts recently have been very reflective. I apologize if this isn’t the original reason you started following this blog. Don’t worry, I still have a ton of fun edtechy and math resources ahead but I also think that it is so important that we reflect and share from our hearts as… Read More Please…Never Stop