My Top Tech Picks for Your Distance Learning Office

I have been seeing a TON of posts from educator friends over the last couple of weeks about products that would benefit them during distance learning. So, I decided to put together a list of items that I have personally used in either my home or work office. I hope that you find these items useful and that they will provide some helpful structure or support during your distance learning experience.

Adjustable Height 36″ Standing DeskAmazon
Sitting all day is rough on your body. Personally, I feel so much better when I alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. However, standing desks can be CRAZY expensive. Fortunately, I found an awesome standing desk that can be placed on top of your existing desk for only $150.

I added this to my work office last year and absolutely love it. It has enough space for two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and a spot for my phone. It also has a very easy and light to light the desk from sitting to standing.

24″ Acer MonitorAmazon
I love these monitors! The price is incredibly affordable and the quality is great. I purchased two of them for my home office and put them on arms attached to my desk. Later, we purchased some for my work office and two of them perfectly fit on the standing desk above.

Seriously, such a great buy for such an amazing price of only $109! And pro-tip, if you are currently working on a laptop, purchase an HDMI cable (or whatever works with your laptop), plug it into the monitor, and now you have dual screens!

Logitech Webcam & Microphone Amazon

Nearly 90% of the time I work on desktop computers that do not come with webcams or microphones. Logitech is easily one of the best brands for webcams.

I have this webcam in my home office and the quality is great. Bonus? There is a microphone in it which means you don’t have to purchase a second item. This webcam is a little more on the expensive end but you won’t be disappointed.

Wireless Keyboard/MouseAmazon
If you are spending every day working on your laptop, it can definitely be tough on your hands.  If you decide to purchase an extra monitor, I highly encourage you to purchase a keyboard/mouse combo to use instead of your laptop keyboard.

Seriously, you won’t regret it and neither will your hands!

Laptop StandAmazon
A couple of years ago, I worked from home full-time and put my laptop on this stand, plugged it into dual monitors and had three screens to work from. It was awesome.

I love this little stand. It’s super affordable and I’ve used it with both my laptop and Chromebook. It’s also a great way to add some extra space to your work station.

Phone StandAmazon
Never miss another message with this cheap, yet sturdy, phone stand. I have this set up in my home office and always use it. At work, I have the standing desk above and use the phone stand that is built into the desk.

I love that it has an area for your phone cord to go through so you can charge it while it’s sitting on the stand. Finally, it’s really great if you find yourself on a long phone call and want to put your phone on speaker.

Everlasting Comfort Seat  – Amazon
Okay, okay. Try not to laugh at me but…this is super comfy! I don’t use it all the time, however, it was a huge help when I threw out my back in the spring and was having trouble sitting for long periods of time.

While I have a comfy seat that works for me 99% of the time, I know a lot of friends working from their kitchen tables. Check this out and protect your back!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through those links I may earn a small commission – but it won’t’ cost you an extra penny!

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