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Getting Started with Virtual Philosophical Chairs

One of my favorite ways to get students talking in my classes was an AVID strategy called Philosophical Chairs. Philosophical Chairs is a student-centered format for classroom discussion that promotes analytical reading, respectful dialogue, and personal reflection. You could equate it to a debate, however, there is a much richer focus on text and mutual understanding.… Read More Getting Started with Virtual Philosophical Chairs

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Schoolwide Distance Learning Website

As many districts start the year in distance learning, I have developed a distance learning website in Google Sites that can be used to increase communication between the school and parents/students. Basically, it is the one-stop-shop for all of a family’s distance learning needs and support! Communication with our families is going to be essential… Read More Schoolwide Distance Learning Website

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I ❤ EDU Webinars: May

Happy May everyone! As we continue in these strange times with stay-at-home orders, I ❤ EDU is planning to continue with monthly webinars. I know that a lot of my posts recently have been based on webinars, but stay tuned for more posts as I have normally shared in the past. (Unfortunately, I messed up… Read More I ❤ EDU Webinars: May