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Getting Started with Virtual Philosophical Chairs

One of my favorite ways to get students talking in my classes was an AVID strategy called Philosophical Chairs. Philosophical Chairs is a student-centered format for classroom discussion that promotes analytical reading, respectful dialogue, and personal reflection. You could equate it to a debate, however, there is a much richer focus on text and mutual understanding.… Read More Getting Started with Virtual Philosophical Chairs

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Quick Survey: Distance Learning/Hybrid Success Stories

Guys – this has been a crazy year in education. Actually, crazy is an understatement. One word probably can’t even describe how many of our educators feel right now. Crazy, tiring, overwhelming, exhausting, heartbreaking, and so many more words can describe this year. However, I know that there are some AMAZING success stories out there… Read More Quick Survey: Distance Learning/Hybrid Success Stories

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I ❤ EDU Webinars: May

Happy May everyone! As we continue in these strange times with stay-at-home orders, I ❤ EDU is planning to continue with monthly webinars. I know that a lot of my posts recently have been based on webinars, but stay tuned for more posts as I have normally shared in the past. (Unfortunately, I messed up… Read More I ❤ EDU Webinars: May

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Creating Assessments with Google Forms

Google Forms has been one of my favorite assessment tools as a classroom teacher.  Primarily, I use Google Forms for lesson practices, mastery quizzes, and skill assessments.  These are assessments where students will receive immediate feedback on their progress – which is perfect because many of these questions are very “Level 1”.  These types of… Read More Creating Assessments with Google Forms

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BoostEDU: SAMR Self-Assessment Overview

Earlier this month, I publicly released my Google Innovator Project: BoostEDU.  BoostEDU is a program that supports teachers in transforming their traditional lessons through an inquiry-based self-assessment and guided lesson design process.  (Interested in learning more?  Watch this video.)  It’s been a lot of work but it has been very exciting to hear feedback from… Read More BoostEDU: SAMR Self-Assessment Overview