About Me

My name is Meagan Kelly.

No, not that Megyn Kelly – just Meagan Kelly.  Wife, educator, and technology nerd.  If you are on my website, there is a high probability that you would classify yourself with 2 out of those 3 character descriptions.  So, thanks for visiting my website and welcome to my craziness.

I love education.  Seriously, I love it.  I was one of those “weird” kids in school who never wanted to miss a day.  Specifically, I remember a moment where I attended school with a 102 degree fever because I didn’t want to miss anything.  Remember, I was one of those “weird” kids.  I have always loved learning, which is why I chose a career in education.  It just fit who I was so perfectly.

Over a decade later, I do not regret my choice to become an educator.

I’ve been in education for nearly thirteen years.  I spent four years as an aid, substitute and tutor.  I have spent nine years as a full-time teacher and currently, I am a Vice Principal of a middle school.  I’ve taught in private, charter, and public schools.  I’ve taught a variety of subjects, including Math, AVID, Science, Computer Science and Latin.  (Yes, Latin – I know it’s strange.  Please don’t ask me if I speak it.)

In addition to this, I am also a Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator. As a Google Trainer, I have trained thousands of teachers in the last few years on education and technology. As a Google Innovator, I was one of 36 people in the world to attend the Google Innovator Academy in London. Out of this program, I have developed BoostEDU to support educators in technology integration.

Education can be a busy, wild, and crazy ride – but I love every second of it.