Training Information

List of Professional Development Offered

Below is a list of trainings that I have led within my district, as well as at the EdTech Team Summits.  These trainings include:

  • Just a Little Boost…!
    • Are you looking for ways to BOOST the level of technology integration in your classroom?  Then join us during this session where you will be guided through evaluating the level of SAMR in your current lessons and how to “boost” your lesson with purposeful technology!
  • Four Easy Steps to Flipping Your Classroom
    • Do you feel like you want to spend more time in class working on student-centered or project-based learning activities?  Have you heard of the flipped classroom approach, but you are not sure where to start?  Then this session is for you!  Join me during this session to learn four, simple steps for flipping your classroom.  This session will cover topics such as creating a presentation, recording a presentation via Screencastify, uploading and editing your video via EdPuzzle, and linking or embedding your video to share with students.
  • Googley Resources for Monday Morning
    • Are you looking for educational technology resources that you can use on Monday morning?  Are you new to using Google Apps and would like some resources to begin your new journey into educational technology?  Then this session is for you!  Join me during this session to learn and gain access to a variety of educational technology tools that you can begin using Monday morning.  These tools include Daily Check-In’s for Math, Vocabulary Slide Decks, Digital Graphic Organizers, and several useful extensions.
  • Getting Techy with Critical Reading & Writing
    • It’s true – you can use technology for critical reading and writing!  Join us during this hands-on and interactive session for tips, tools, and strategies for using technology to promote critical reading and writing strategies.  All attendees will participate in using digital tools to read, write, annotate, and collaborate with Google Apps.
  • Get Your Tweet On with Twitter Chats
    • When most people think of Twitter, they think of celebrities, politics, and news – not education.  However, Twitter has become an amazing source for teachers to gain resources, discuss education, and meet other educators all over the world.  Join me during this session to create your Twitter account, learn how to use TweetDeck, and participate in a short Twitter Chat.
  • Digital BreakoutEdu
    • Are you interested in gamifying your classroom while improving your student’s critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills?  Have you heard about BreakoutEdu but are not sure where to start?  Then this session is for you!  Join us during this session and participate in a Digital BreakoutEdu.  Attendees will also be given resources to begin using Digital BreakoutEdu in their classrooms.
  • Digital Graphic Organizers through Google Drawings
    • Do you print out copy after copy of graphic organizers to use in your classroom?  Then, stop!  Google Drawings is an amazing resource for creating digital graphic organizers!  Join us during this session to learn the basics features of Google Drawings and to create your own digital graphic organizer.  By the time you leave this session, you will have several different graphic organizers to begin using in your classroom.
  • Getting Started with HyperDocs
    • Are you looking for ways to incorporate meaningful technology into your classroom?  There is a solution – HyperDocs!  HyperDocs are interactive Google Docs that focus on using technology to increase the 4C’s and level of SAMR in your lessons.  Join us during this session to learn about this instructional strategy, helpful technology tools, and create your own HyperDoc!
  • Blended Learning
    • Blended learning is a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.  It is an educational strategy that promotes personalized learning through the use of technology in the classroom.  Join us during this session to learn about blended learning, see it in action in a classroom, listen to student testimonials, and gather educational technology resources.

Other Professional Development:

  • Google Certified Educator
    • Prepare the teachers in your site or district to become Google Certified Educators.
  • Custom PD
    • Designed specifically for the teachers in your school site or district.

If you are interested in these trainings, feel free to contact me at [email protected].