HyperDocs Template

HyperDocs have become one of my favorite tools for creating lessons that promote the 4 C’s. If you are unfamiliar with HyperDocs, I highly encourage you to visit the HyperDoc website for their AMAZING resources. In a nutshell, HyperDocs are “a transformative, interactive Google Doc replacing the worksheet method of delivering instruction and is the… Read More HyperDocs Template

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Evaluating HyperDocs with BoostEDU

Last month, I had the great pleasure to work with the HyperDoc team and Lisa Guardino on how to use BoostEDU to evaluate HyperDocs.  I cannot express how nerdy excited I was to see the BoostEDU self-assessment in action! In this video, Lisa Guardino, an advanced HyperDoc designer, completes the In-Depth SAMR self-assessment on a HyperDoc that… Read More Evaluating HyperDocs with BoostEDU

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College VR HyperDoc

After the success of our VR Haunted House Project in my Spartan Tech Squad course, I started brainstorming ways that I could incorporate a VR project into our AVID classroom.  For those that are unfamiliar to AVID, AVID is a program whose goal is to “close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness… Read More College VR HyperDoc

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Creative Commons HyperDoc

Over last month, our Spartan Tech Squad students have been going through a “Web Literacy” course on Mouse Create.  The focus of this course is teaching students to “think critically, participate safely, and demonstrate good citizenship online.”  It’s a great series of lessons for students because digital citizenship is so important as our schools are… Read More Creative Commons HyperDoc