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Solving Equations HyperDoc

A couple of months ago, I wrapped up our Expressions and Equations unit and realized that I had not shared these resources out with my I 🖤 EDU community. So, I thought I would share one of my favorite introduction activities that I created for this unit…a Solving Equations HyperDoc!

Every Monday, my students are introduced to a topic through an activity. This could be an activity through HyperDocs, PearDeck, Desmos, BreakoutEDU or a variety of other instructional (and usually techy) strategies. In this way, students are introduced to the material before they take formal notes on it that night. (As a reminder, I have flipped my classroom and my students take formal notes every Monday night.)

Since most of my students were very familiar with solving equations, I felt that a HyperDoc would be a great way to remind them of what they know and challenge them to deepen their current understanding. Here is the breakdown of the HyperDoc:

  • Engage – Students are challenged to write down the steps to solving an equation – without actually solving it!
  • Explore – Students use their whiteboards to solve equations and drag/drop the steps on their Slide Deck.
  • Explain – Students watch a flipped classroom video and take notes.
  • Apply – Students participate in a “partner play” activity in Google Forms where they each have a problem to solve. Each problem will produce the same answer. Response validation is used to provide students immediate feedback.
  • Extend – Students are challenged to create their own “partner play” game with new equations.
  • Reflect – Students reflect on their learning.

Interested? Check it out below and/or make your own copy!

To create your own copy, click HERE. (Note: If you create your own copy, you will also need to create your own version of the partner play activity on Slide #11.)

What kind of activities do you use in your classroom to introduce lesson concepts? Share in the comments below! 🙂

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