Starting Our PBIS Journey

Back in December, I experienced one of the most struggling and discouraging moments in my educational career. It wasn’t one particular thing that happened that caused this moment. It was a million little things that led to a feeling of discouragement and a moment where I truly questioned whether or not I was in the… Read More Starting Our PBIS Journey


This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been a Vice Principal of Distance Learning for nearly as long as I was a Vice Principal of Student Support (Discipline). Technically, my title hasn’t changed but the regular day-to-day duties have certainly adjusted. Nine months ago, my daily activities mainly included working with students to better understand and accept responsibility for their mistakes.… Read More This Too Shall Pass


My Summer Hiatus

Hello Friends! As some of you may have noticed, I took a much-needed summer hiatus from blogging, Twitter, and, well, education to an extent. I’m always reading and always learning but…I really needed some time off. While some of you may be just beginning your summer break, mine is quickly coming to a close. I… Read More My Summer Hiatus

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The Kids Are Watching

I’m going to be honest. This post is literally popped into my brain about 5 minutes ago. It wasn’t pre-planned. It wasn’t carefully lined out. It wasn’t something I have been thinking about for weeks. Instead, this post is completely spontaneous and unfiltered. So, let’s see how this goes. Times are a little crazy right… Read More The Kids Are Watching

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Focus on the Positives: A HyperDoc Activity

Years ago, I read a book called How Full Is Your Bucket while I was attending graduate school for my administrative services credential. Although it wasn’t technically an “education” book, it was probably one of my favorite books of my master’s degree program. In this book, the author talked about the “magic ratio” of positive and negative… Read More Focus on the Positives: A HyperDoc Activity