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Self-Care During Distance Learning

Distance learning has been a challenge for thousands of educators around the country. Not just professionally, but it has been a great challenge personally.

Working from home is not as glamorous or easy as it seems. It can be quite a challenge.

It can be a challenge to balance taking care of your own children and meeting the professional expectations of your career. It can be challenging to know where your personal and professional life begins and end. It can be a challenge to balance it all.

So, I decided to organize a webinar featuring a panel of educators from a variety of personal and professional experiences to share what they do for self-care during distance learning. It’s so important to me that educators hear that they are not alone in this and that it is hard for everyone. I hope you take a bit of time to watch this personal, supportive, and often silly webinar on self-care.

Below, you will find some of the resources that were provided during the presentation:

What are you doing for self-care during distance learning? Share in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Self-Care During Distance Learning

  1. I’m trying to slowly learn some new songs and scales. I am no musician, just a lifelong amateur. But music brings me great inner peace, and every new wrinkle brings that amazing sense of accomplishment—not to mention a kick of endorphins—that learning provides. Thanks for focusing on this topic!

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