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Choose Your Own Adventure: A Javascript HyperDoc

As I’ve mentioned before, I cannot say enough good things about the Mouse Create program in which our Spartan Tech Squad students are participating this year.  One of their favorite parts of the program is participating in the monthly Microprojects where they are given a project to complete and submit this project to compete on a national level.  In fact, we have had a student take first place in the November microproject and a student take second place in the September microproject!  While the students love the activities, adding a bit of competition has made it even more enjoyable for them.

For the December Microproject, our students were tasked with creating a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story with JavasScript.  I’ll admit – I was a bit intimidated by this project.  While I have some coding experience, I would say that I am nowhere near close to being an expert in Javascript, HTLM, or CSS.  Fortunately, Mouse Create supplied some great resources to help with the areas in which I did not understand so that I could better teach my students.

Although not all of the students will complete this project in time for the deadline, I am excited to bring it back after winter break because I think it is one of the most relevant projects we have completed during the school year.  This project was our student’s first experience with coding using Javascript since their previous experience was with and Scratch.  It’s been a challenge but they were so excited to see their stories and websites develop!

Interested in this project…?  Check it out below!

Choose Your Own Adventure HyperDoc

Click HERE to make your own copy.

Objective: Students will create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story using JavaScript.

Groups: Individual or Small Groups (2-3 Students)

Tasks: Students will:

  • Learn about the multiverse theory.
  • Create a diagram of their own story with numerous outcomes.
  • Use JavaScript to code the story into a website.

View the template and a sample below:

College VR HyperDoc Template (Link)

Samples (x) (x)

Overall, our Spartan Tech Squad students enjoyed this project and it is a project we will be returning to in a few weeks.  There were definitely times in which they were frustrated as they learned JavaScript but it was an excellent way to teach perseverance.

Have you done any JavaScript projects in your classroom?  How might you modify this HyperDoc for your classroom?  Share in the comments below!

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