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Host Controls in Google Meet

Woot woot! Google recently launched new “Host Control” features for Google Meet! If you are quiet, you can hear the cheers of thousands of teachers around the world. While there are still many things that I wish Google Meet had the ability to do, these are excellent new features that are available to everyone.

One thing I have noticed recently is that there are some other great, new features coming out…but they aren’t necessarily available to all users. It depends on whether or not your district has an Education or Enterprise account. From what I can see, it does look like the host controls features will be available to all users in education accounts. As an example, I currently have access to these controls in my district EDU account, however, I do not have access to these controls in personal Google account. For any meetings that are organized in a personal account, only the meeting creator can mute or remove participants.

Here’s a breakdown of these new features that you can find in your settings menu:

Here’s a short GIF to show you how to access these settings:

Have you used these new controls with students? If so, share how it is going in the comments below! I have noticed that many users are having different experiences with Google products recently and I would love to hear if it is working the way we hope it does. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Host Controls in Google Meet

  1. Hi there! We love the fact that we can use host controls with students. We were successfully able to turn off quick access to have students (who were invited by calendar invite) get a “waiting for host to join” message. However, it is working inconsistently. Sometimes students are joining right in even though host has turned off quick access before anyone got there and then left. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? We would love to standardize this process for our 11 000 students who are remote learning. I appreciate your time and feedback

    1. I wish I had a good answer. I am hearing the same thing from many people right now! That’s even why I mentioned in the post that some of these features aren’t working as we expect them to work. Honestly, it might not be you and it might be a bug that has to get resolved.

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