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Distance Learning Transparency Survey

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post and shared a survey called “The Teacher Transparency Challenge“. To this day, it is still one of my favorite things that I have ever done in my classroom. It was simple – I wanted to know how my students felt about my class and teaching. The transparent, unfiltered truth. I wanted to know if I was truly meeting the needs of ALL my students and if there was anything else I could do to help them be successful.

One of the comments from my student has always stayed with me. They said, “You could focus more on your quiet and introverted students, not just the loud and outgoing ones.” It totally changed how I taught my students going forward. It also completely changed how I interacted with students to this day. It helped me to remember that there are all sorts of students in my class and I need to support all of them equally.

During distance learning, I feel that it may be beneficial to revisit the Teacher Transparency Challenge – Distance Learning Style! I’ve updated the survey to include a section on distance learning. I highly encourage you to take a moment and give this survey to your students. I think we all know that distance learning is a struggle and you might feel hesitant about giving this out. Distance learning is hard and we are all struggling – no matter what our role might be. However, it is also incredibly important for your students to be heard during this time. It’s important for us to continue to be reflective educators. It’s important for us to continue to try to meet the needs of all of our students, to the best of our ability.

Friends – I promise that I am only encouraging you to be reflective. This is not coming from a place of judgment because I know how much teachers are rocking it during distance learning! I only want to encourage you to continue to be reflective for kids.

Below, you will find the “View” version of the survey, as well as a “Copy” version:

Click HERE to make your own copy.

Have you given any distance learning surveys at your site? What were your “aha” moments?

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