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Unit 4: Linear Functions & Equations – More Resources for Flipping!

Today I will be sharing the resources from our fourth Unit, which covers functions, slope, linear equations and linear systems.

The class that I teach is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) but it is an 7th grade Math Honors course that contains all of the 7th grade standards and the majority of the 8th grade standards.  My goal is to prepare them for Integrated I in their 8th grade year.  It is a lot and it can be a tough transition for some of the 7th grade students at the beginning of the year, since many of the students are used to one teacher and a class where it may be easy for them to “skate” along.  These students are truly gifted and benefit from the challenge of this Honors course, but it tends to be the year where they learn that they are not perfect and might have to work harder than they have in previous grades.  Personally, one of my favorite parts of the school year for my 7th grade students is the end of the first semester.  At the end of the first semester, the 7th graders are now comfortable with middle school, their classes, and the pace of the Honors class.  It is so exciting when they start to realize the benefits of a more challenging class!

If you would like to see how I create these Flipped Classroom lessons, please view THIS video on YouTube.

Below are a list of resources that I sharing with you from our Linear Functions & Equations Unit.  Feel free to use, copy, and modify!

4.1 – Identifying Functions (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.2 – Evaluating Functions (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.3 – Slope (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.4 – Rate of Change (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.5 – Graphing Linear Equations (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.6 – Writing in Slope-Intercept Form (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.7 – Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.8 – Graphing Systems of Equations (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

4.9 – Solving Systems of Equations (Google Slide) (Foldable) (EdPuzzle)

As a reminder, I have a flipped classroom so I have create my notes by using Google Slides and Screencastify.  From there, I add the video to EdPuzzle and create questions to check for understanding.  If I see the students struggling, I pull them into small groups to reteach during our “Choice Time” the next day.

If you would like to access the resources from the other Units, you can find them below:

Unit 1: The Number System

Unit 2: Expressions & Equations

Unit 3: Exponents & Roots

How to Flip Your Classroom

YouTube Channel

Feel free to leave any questions and/or comments in the comment section below!

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  1. Do you have the foldable for Rate of Change? When I click on the link above, it takes me to the Slope-Intercept foldable. Thank you!

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