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Expressions & Equations Unit: More Google Slides & Resources for Flipping!

My students are currently finishing our Unit 2: Expressions & Equations Unit.  I was really thrilled will my students progress with equations this year.  In the past, it has been very common for this to be one of the more difficult units, but my students have really understood the material this year.  On one hand, I am super excited because – well, duh – we want to see our students be successful!  On the other hand, I am excited because my students are excited and they feel confident about Math.  Win-win!

Below are a list of resources that I sharing with you from our Expressions & Equations Unit.  Feel free to use, copy, and modify!

As a reminder, I have a flipped classroom so I have create my notes by using Google Slides and Screencastify.  From there, I add the video to EdPuzzle and create questions to check for understanding.  If I see the students struggling, I pull them into small groups to reteach during our “Choice Time” the next.

If you would like to access the resources from Unit 1: The Number System, click HERE.

Feel free to leave any questions and/or comments in the comment section below!

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