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Organizing Irrational Roots – Digital Matching Activity

Unit 3 of our Math 7 Honors course is quickly approaching…So, I am trying to create some digital activities!

One of the lessons will be on “Estimating Irrational Roots” which is such an odd and complex concept for some students.  It’s one of those concepts that needs to be shown visually, so students truly understand how irrational roots are placed onto a number line.  So…I made a digital matching activity!

Click HERE for activity and HERE for answer key.

Basically, the students will match the perfect roots at the bottom of the number line and irrational roots along the top of the number line.  It’s important to note that not all answer choices will be used.  If I only created answer choices that would be on the given number line, then the students would simply need to put the irrational roots in order.  By adding some extra choices, students will have to understand the location of the irrational roots on the number line.

I haven’t tried this out yet – but I will in a couple of weeks!  If you try this activity with your students, I would love to hear how it goes!

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