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The Number System: Google Slides for Flipping

Last year, I jumped into the Flipped Classroom world and I never came back out.  I love my flipped classroom!  More importantly, the students love it!  Before the flipped classroom, the homework was always an assignment with a set of problems.  (That’s not to say that this doesn’t occur anymore, it’s just less than it used to be.)  The students would often struggle on the assignment and come into class confused and frustrated.

Now, the students complete the notes at home and the majority of the practice in class.  By completing the notes on EdPuzzle, I am able to check that they have watched the entire video and create questions to check for understanding.  By completing the practice in class via Google Forms, the students are able to receive real time feedback on their results and quickly receive help from the teacher.  On top of this, the students can finish the practice at home, after they have received support from their teacher, and resubmit the practice that they did in class for a higher score.

There will never be a perfect system but I found that this works well in my classroom.  After all, I always say: When students are taking notes, that is when they need me the least.  When they are working on practice, that is when they need me the most.  So, why not allow more practice in class and the direct teaching at home?  Why not leave more time in class for practice, project-based learning, and fun activities that will excite and engage students?

If you are a Math teacher and looking to get started on flipping your classroom, I am going to share my Math 7 Honors – Unit 1: The Real Number System Google Slides with you.  Every lesson, I create a Google Slide, record over it with Screencastify, and upload it to EdPuzzle.

Unit 1: The Real Number System

Feel free to make a copy, modify, use, steal, etc. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few things on these resources that I have “borrowed” throughout the years.  That’s just what educators do! 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Number System: Google Slides for Flipping

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I am jumping into the Flipped classroom this week and while I am super excited to have my Algebra Ptech students experience this. However, I haven’t found many people to bounce ideas off of. Here’s to loving it as much as you!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am a future educator and in some of my classes we talk about the flipped classroom idea and how it has been really prominent during the pandemic. I agree with you that students need the teacher most when practicing, but need them less when taking the notes. Great ideas, I love your blog!

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