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Google Drawing Graphic Organizers: Cause/Effect, Speech Map, & Timeline

Recently, I was inspired to start using Google Drawings to create digital graphic organizers.  Google Drawings is such an easy tool for students to use and for teachers to create.

I created three graphic organizers that I am sharing with you.  Click on the title or the image to access the graphic organizer.  Simply make a copy for yourself and feel free to use in your classroom!

Cause & Effect Graphic Organizer

Timeline of Events Graphic Organizer

Informative Speech Map

Enjoy! 🙂

1 thought on “Google Drawing Graphic Organizers: Cause/Effect, Speech Map, & Timeline

  1. Thank you for the use of your google templates. Your simple act positively impacted my ability to create. Although I am not an educator directly, my writing team (located in three different countries) are better equipped to track our zoom sessions, as we create an original scripted series. You likely never anticipated this impact which is why I wanted to thank you.

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