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Weekly EdTech Tip: EdPuzzle

Our weekly tech tip will be on the website “EdPuzzle”. EdPuzzle is an easy way to engage your students with videos, incorporate intervention and enrichment, and flip your classroom.  Simply pick a video, add your comments and questions, and track your student’s understanding. In my classroom, I use EdPuzzle for:

  • Flipping the Classroom – Students complete the “direct teaching” for homework. EdPuzzle prevents them from skipping ahead and checks for understanding.
  • Intervention – Students can review a lesson taught in a different way to review material.
  • Enrichment – Students can learn about a variety of topics beyond what is currently being taught in class.

EdPuzzle is a great website and it is one that I use every week within my classroom.  I cannot express how much I am in love with this website!

To get started on EdPuzzle, click HERE to view a Google Doc on directions for setting up and using your EdPuzzle account.  In addition to this, there is a quick video with an overview of EdPuzzle, as well as how I am using it within my classroom located below.

Enjoy! 🙂

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