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SoCal Road Trip: A Digital BreakoutEdu for Exponents!

Here We Go Again!

Digital BreakoutEdu is my student’s favorite thing – hands down!

Recently, I did a classroom survey to determine their favorite activities in Math class and this was at the top of the list.  They love the competition and the feeling that they get when they “unlock a code”.  More importantly, they enjoy the Math behind it!  A couple of days ago, one student said, “I really like those activities. It’s so fun I even forget that I am doing Math!”

Not only do my student’s love the activity but it promotes critical thinking skills and content knowledge – the best of two worlds!

SoCal Road Trip Digital BreakoutEdu

In this Digital BreakoutEdu, the students will be helping the Kelly family find the destinations of their road trip.  The content focus of this Breakout is on “Applying the Properties of Exponents”, specifically on using the product and power rule of exponents.

UPDATE (1/31) – I have created two versions of this Digital Breakout.  The “easy” version includes basic exponents and the “difficult” version includes properties of exponents.

Click HERE (Easy) or HERE(Difficult) for the link or click on the image above.


If you use this in your classroom, I would love to hear some feedback on how it went – Enjoy!

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