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College Pennants via Google Drawings

Within our AVID class, my students spend a lot of time researching and learning about colleges and universities.  They’ve given speeches, written essays, and researched multiple colleges in the last two years that I have had them in my classroom.  Recently, I wanted them to create a college pennant, which is a common activity that I have my 8th grade students do each year.  It’s fun and creative, but also requires them to do some research into a college.  In the past, I have had my students create their college pennant on cardstock paper.  This year, I thought that Google Drawings would be a great way to create a “new” college pennant.

To begin, I supplied the students with this template:

Click HERE for link.

The students were asked to decorate the pennant and write interesting facts around the pennant.  Here are a couple of the results:

They turned out great!  It was such a fun, but easy (and techy!) assignment for my AVID students to complete.

Feel free to use and modify in your own classrooms!

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