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Google Drawing Graphic Organizers: For/Against & Goals/Objectives

A couple of months ago I shared some of the graphic organizers that I have created by using Google Drawings.  (Click HERE to view those graphic organizers.)  Well…I am back to share some more!

For/Against Graphic Organizer

Click HERE for a copy.

The “For/Against” graphic organizer above is being used in my AVID classroom to help students compare and contrast opposing viewpoints on our AVID Write-Off topic.  Using this graphic organizer encourages students to think about both sides of the question, rather than sticking to their own viewpoint.  It’s also helpful for them to use this when comparing articles with different viewpoints by having them write down key ideas of both sides.

Goals & Objectives Graphic Organizer

Click HERE for a copy.

Although this “Goals & Objectives” graphic organizer can be used for students, I found it to be very beneficial for our teachers when reviewing our AVID Goals & Objectives.  In our Site Team meeting, we broke into groups of 2-3 and reviewed our goals for the year.  We discussed two things: 1.) What are we currently doing that is helping us to meet this goal? and 2.) What other things could we be doing to help us mee this goal?  After the groups finished their graphic organizer, we discussed and shared our ideas from our groups.  It created great discussion and encouraged many new ideas for our team!  Graphic organizers can be great professional development tools!

Hopefully these graphic organizers can be useful to you, your students, or staff.  If you use them in your classroom, give me some feedback on how it went!

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