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SCOOT Task Cards – Freebie!

My students LOVE to play SCOOT. In SCOOT, each student has a task card in front of them face down. When I say “Go”, the students can flip over the task cards and have 30 seconds to answer the question. Once they finish, they flip over the card and wait until the time has ended. When time has ended, each students stands up and moves to the seat next to them and the new round starts once the teacher says “Go”.

These task cards include:
– Basic Operations
– Integers
– Fractions
– Random, random, random questions!

A couple of hints:
– Place all the cards in front of the students in numerical order.
– Have the students create an answer column since they will be each starting at a different number.
– Watch carefully that no one is flipping the cards ahead of time.

You can download this at my TPT store HERE.

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