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Geometry Vocabulary for Interactive Notebook

Geometry has SO many terms. Initially, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with having my students write down all of these terms. I knew they would burn out and I would burn out. In addition, my 7th grade classes were already very familiar with these terms. Which is why I created this insert!

The insert contains the word and definition with a blank space in the middle. At the beginning of class, I gave these to the students and had them try draw a picture representation of the word and definition. My students did well at this because, by 7th grade, they have seen many of these terms.

In addition, I also printed these out two to a page. Many times, I print this out this way because it will fit in the INB.

The terms included are:

Point – Line – Plane – Line Segment – Ray – Intersecting Lines – Parallel Lines – Perpendicular Lines – Right Angle – Acute Angle – Obtuse Angle – Straight Angle – Vertex – Transversal – Congruent Angles – Adjacent Angles – Corresponding Angles – Vertical Angles – Complementary Angles – Supplementary Angles – Triangle – Acute Triangle – Obtuse Triangle – Right Triangle – Equilateral

Here is a FREEBIE but the entire item is available on TPT HERE.

Geometry Terms Preview

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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