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Last year, I began implementing assignment trackers into my classroom. The students had a “Score Tracker” in their interactive notebooks and would log their homework, quiz, test, and project grades. It worked really well but this year I have bigger and better plans!
This year I am planning on implementing data binders. One part of the data binders will be the assignment tracker. I will be printing four per student each Quarter and the students will label them as follows:

– Homework
– Homework
– Classwork, Notebook, & Participation
– Quizzes and Tests

Homework seems to have more assignments, which is why the students will have to copies of that. This is just what I am doing but you can do it however you want!

Also, you may notice that there is a graph attached to this Assignment Tracker. My goal is for students to label, date, and write the percentage grade of their assignment. Then, they will graph the data to have a visual representation of their progress.

The assignment tracker includes:

– Assignment Title
– Date
– Percentage
– Graph
– Room for 15 Assignments


Assignment Tracker

The assignment tracker can be purchased at my TPT store HERE.
Please let me know if you have an questions!

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