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Digital BreakoutEdu: The Secret Stockbroker Society

A couple of weeks ago, myself and a colleague completed our first Digital BreakoutEdu.  Click HERE to read about it.  It was a great success – the students loved it.  More importantly, they were able to use critical thinking skills to solve problems from our content standards.  It’s was the best of both worlds!

As I sat at home today, I found myself reflecting upon what I wanted to do in my classroom with my students this week.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am a serious organizer when it comes to lesson planning.  I am neurotically detailed.  My lesson plans were ready to go, except for tomorrow.  I was just not feeling excited about the lessons I had planned.  They were just kind of…blah.  Not bad – just nothing that I was looking forward to teaching.  And, let’s be honest, if I’m not excited, the students won’t be excited.

So, as I sat at home today, I decided I wanted to build my own Digital BreakoutEdu that revisited the content from our PBL Stock Market Project…One thing led to another and, a couple of hours later, my first Digital BreakoutEdu was created!

I am SO excited to try this out in my classroom tomorrow.  I think that the students will enjoy it and it will be a great way to practice our critical thinking skills, content skills, and produce greater resiliency in my students.

If you are interested in trying it out, click HERE or click the image above.  Feel free to use this in your classrooms, but please let me know how it goes – I am excited to hear how it went and what can be modified for future classes.

11 thoughts on “Digital BreakoutEdu: The Secret Stockbroker Society

  1. Meagan, I love your blog! I teach 2nd grade and I have modeled my blog from your creativity and passion. You are world’s ahead of me, but I’m starting small.

    1. Thank you! That is so awesome that you are starting your own blog. My blog has been around for a few years but I only started to get serious about it in the last year. There is SO much that can happen in a year.

      Keep up the hard work! It’s good for students!

  2. Hi Meagan, I am so inspired by your passion and excitement you bring to your lessons. Do you have the teacher side of things for this digital breakout – answers to the code, etc. I’d love to use this breakout in my next unit.

    1. Thank you so much! No, I do not have a teacher side. The main reason is that I want teachers to experience the breakout for themselves so that they can see where their students might have trouble, as well. However, I would be happy to give hints via email!

      1. Ok, how can I email you? I went through it and I only had one calculation issue for gains/losses #2 because I didn’t know the exact date of when “today” was referring to.

  3. Hi Meagan, how did you get the GoogleForm to require a certain passcode? I can’t seem to find how make it so that a question has to be answered correctly.

  4. Hey Meagan, I love you site! I just discovered it and was wondering if you have any other content for 7th grade math? Recently I found out that I would be switching to 7th grade math and I need to create my own curriculum without a book!!!! Suggestions on were I should start first?

  5. Hey Meagan, the first doc on the home page seems to be broken. Can you check on that? I’d like to use this as a review.

    Thank you!

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