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Digital Lesson Plans via Google Docs

If you know me, you know that organization is my middle name.  Alright, obviously, it is not my actual middle name but…I love being organized!  Whether it is organizing my physical classroom, my Google Drive, or my lesson plans, I love being (neurotically) organized because it gives me a sense of peace.

Every year, I have tried to organize my lesson plans so that it is something that I can use and modify each year.  I’ve always been organized with lesson plans, but I wanted to take it to the “digital” level this year.  Enter…Google Docs!

Google Docs is such an amazing tool for organizing lesson plans.  (See picture below or click HERE for a sample.) In my digital lesson plans, I list all of the assignments for the day and include links to all digital documents.  As you can see, I include links to many Google Docs, such as Slides, Forms, etc.  By linking to these Google Docs, I can refer to it in future years and see exactly what resources I used in my classroom.  It is an easy way to stay organized and provide an outline of each week.

Do you use Google Docs for your lesson plans?  If so, how do you use them?

6 thoughts on “Digital Lesson Plans via Google Docs

    1. I’m so excited that you can use this! I’ve got a slightly modified template this year – I think I may have shared it in the comments. Let me know how it works out!

      1. I copied your new one. Thanks again!
        One question: I am changing the periods you set-up to match my schedule. Did you create each week from scratch with the weekly dates? I am wondering if there is a faster way that I am not seeing to modify the periods, etc.

        1. Unfortunately, probably not. If you delete any of the tables, it will remove the bookmarks that are linked to the calendars. It definitely took me some time to modify it!

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