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BoostEDU Updates: June 2018

Today I am excited to share some big updates to BoostEDU!

If you are unfamiliar with this resource, BoostEDU is a program that supports teachers in transforming their traditional lessons into 21st-century lessons through an inquiry-based self-assessment and guided lesson design process. The purpose of this program is simple – help teachers “boost” their lessons through a personalized approach.

Over the last month, I have been working on several updates that I hope will be exciting to current and future users of this program. Check them out below!

1.) SAMR Database

Recently, I wrote a blog post on the SAMR database that replaced existing Google Docs with an easy-to-use database of resources. In this database, educators can search for ways to reach deeper levels of SAMR for note-taking, writing, assessments, presentations, reading, and research. After selecting specific categories, features and tech tools, the SAMR database will offer instructional strategies for teachers to try in their classroom.

Here’s an example of the database:

Click HERE to check it out!

2.) Self-Assessment Form Updated

One of my favorite parts of BoostEDU is the SAMR self-assessment form. (Keep an eye out for the 4 C’s self-assessment later this year!) I am excited to share that there have been significant updates to this self-assessment form, particularly when it comes to the instructional strategies and tech tools.

If you haven’t used the self-assessment form, the goal is for teachers to assess the depth of SAMR in their classroom based on specific instructional strategies. Teachers will receive their results and be given suggestions and tech tools to try out in their classroom. Over the last month, I have added over a dozen new suggestions, instructional strategies, and tech tools to the self-assessment.

Ready to test it out? Click HERE!

3.) Free Workshop Resources

Finally, I am so excited to share a workshop/training resource with you! I have had several educators and districts ask for a resource to train their teachers, so here it is!

If you are interested in sharing BoostEDU at your site or district, feel free to use this presentation!

Have you used BoostEDU for yourself and/or with your site/district? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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