Last week, I missed my weekly blog – for the first time since September 2016. But it was for a very good reason, I promise!

On May 25, 2018, my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Ava Rose Kelly, into the world.

Fortunately, everything went (mostly) smooth with her birth. I was induced on Thursday due to some potential complications and she was born early Friday morning. After she was born, we spent several days in the hospital due to Ava’s jaundice from being Coombs positive. On Sunday, we were released from the hospital and so excited to be home!

As you can see, I didn’t exactly have time for my usual blog posts. But, like I said, it was for a very good reason!

Over the last week, I’ve been reflecting on changes. From a new baby, house remodeling, and job changes, the last year has been a huge year of change. It’s been exciting and exhilarating, as well as completely intimidating and challenging. Throughout all these changes, I have felt extremely blessed and thankful for the supportive people in my life – both in my personal and professional life, as well as my face-to-face and online life.

If there is anything that I want to say in this (short) blog post, it is this: Changes are constantly coming, both personally and professionally, and it is completely fine to feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time. If you are the one going through big changes, remember that these are the moments in which you will grow. If you see someone going through big changes, support them with simple words of encouragement, a coffee date, or a simple check-in text.

Anyways, this is a short blog post because I am 100% sleep-deprived and have plans to snuggle our little one.

Until next week…!

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