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Utilizing Feedly for PD

It’s summertime! It’s time to pack up the classroom, head to the beach, spend time with family, and not think about work for the next two months…Right?

Yeah, if you are in education, you know that this is definitely not the case. Sure, it is time to get some rest and have some fun – but it is also a time that many teachers use to get ideas and prepare for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s reading books, blogs, or attending summits and conferences, teachers are constantly learning throughout the summer!

In this post, I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to stay current on educational topics – Feedly!

Feedly is a place to organize, read, and share the information you need to stay informed on the important updates in education. Educators can use Feedly as a “one stop shop” for all of the websites and blogs that they read. All you have to do is add the websites/blogs to your Feedly account and it will compile all of the most recent articles in one place for you to organize, read and share.

Here is a sample of what my Feedly looks like:

Important Features

  • The Feed – On the right side under “Today”, you will see all of the articles that are being compiled into your feed. By clicking on them, you can read an excerpt or be redirected to the website/blog.
  • Read Later – Don’t have time to read all of the articles now? Save them for later! This way, you can go through and find the articles you want to read and remove the ones that you do not.
  • Feeds – Do you have specific topics that you are following? Then create multiple feeds! For myself, I have a “General” feed that covers overall education, then specific feeds for computer science and social-emotional learning.
  • Boards – Want to save articles for a later date? Then add them to your boards! For myself, I have created boards based on my feeds. I can refer to these boards at a later date to share articles, rather than trying to sift through all of the articles again.
  • Add Content – In this area, you can search and/or add the URL of websites/and blogs that you want to follow. In addition to this, you can also tag these websites/blogs to be associated with specific feeds.

Interested in learning more? Watch this video!

If you are looking for some ways to stay up on educational trends during the summer, I encourage you to try Feedly and begin organizing your database of educational websites, blogs and articles!

Do you use Feedly and/or a similar platform to stay up to date on education? If so, what are your tips and favorite websites/blogs? Share below!

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