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Over last month, our Spartan Tech Squad students have been going through a “Web Literacy” course on Mouse Create.  The focus of this course is teaching students to “think critically, participate safely, and demonstrate good citizenship online.”  It’s a great series of lessons for students because digital citizenship is so important as our schools are… Read More Creative Commons HyperDoc


Spartan Tech Squad

Throughout my eleven years in the classroom, I have never been only a math teacher.  I have been a classroom aid, substitute teacher, and proctor.  I have taught science, AVID, and Latin. (Yes, I really did teach Latin.)  I have had a lot of adventures in education and this year I have the opportunity to… Read More Spartan Tech Squad

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8-BIT Project: A Fraction, Decimal, & Percent HyperDoc

Over the years, my students have participated in a variety of activities and projects on converting between fractions, decimals, and percent.  They have conducted surveys, designed pictures on graph papers, and designed and built Post-It Murals.  It is one of my favorite units to design because the possibilities are endless! This year, I wanted to… Read More 8-BIT Project: A Fraction, Decimal, & Percent HyperDoc