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Theme Updates for Google Forms

This week, I am so excited to share some major updates to the themes options in Google Forms! Google Forms has made some significant progress in updating the ability for users to customize the fonts and colors of themes. While this may seem like a small update to some, it is the nerdy dream come to true to many educators!

Here are some of the updates that have been made to Google Form’s themes:

Pick Custom Colors

Previously, Google Forms allowed you to pick from a small number of custom colors to customize your Form’s header. Now, the sky is the limit! You can select any hex color for your Google Form to truly customize your theme to the color you want.

Pick a Background Color

Selecting a background color is a brand new feature to Google Forms. In the past, you could adjust the header color but never the background color. While you cannot adjust the colors as much as you can the header, it is still a great new feature to offer more customization.

Pick a Font

Finally, you can now select custom fonts for your Google Form! At the moment, there are only four fonts you can select but I would not be surprised to see more variety in future updates – much like we have seen with the new Google Sites.

What do you think of the new Google Forms updates? What other updates would you love to see in the future? Share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Theme Updates for Google Forms

  1. This is not working for me I only get all of the color circles as a choice nothing else. it is called theme palette while yours is called theme options. any suggestions? I have tried it on 4 different computers. hmm

    1. Hi Lawrence,

      I am wondering if it is a slow roll out and if maybe not everyone has access yet. Have you tried it on both your work and personal Google accounts?

  2. Wow! Now there’s a lot of choices for the color. I was trying to see how it would work but I am only able to get the previous color choices. Is there an add on we need for having this feature?

  3. I am experiencing the same situation with the new design options – the options are not showing up when I click on the paint pallete. I have tried at work and home. I see all the other updates (i.e. tally of points, multiple choice grid option that can be graded).

    1. Hi Nancy!

      There is a possibility that it hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet. I did a training yesterday and not everyone had access to these features yet. Stay tuned!

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