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Google Forms + Certify’Em = Custom Certificates for Students!

Are you interested in creating custom certificates that are automatically emailed to your students?  Then Certify’Em is the add-on for you!  Certify’Em is an “add-on for Google Quizzes that extends the functionality of quizzes by allowing you to send a certificate when someone passes, and keep certification records.”  Here are some potential student uses:

  • Classroom Awards – A teacher could create a Google Form that awards students various awards.  Examples include: Content-related, attendance, behavior, citizenship, and other awards.
  • Mastery/Proficiency Certificate – As students complete assessments, they could receive a certificate that states they have proven mastery of a specific concept or skill.
  • Student Certifications – Teachers could create a curriculum where students are awarded certificates based on tasks and/or assessments that they complete.  As an example, a student could receive a certificate for “Google Apps”, “Coding”, or other technical certificates.

These are just a few possibilities but there are so many more ways that you could bring this tool to your classroom.  Personally, I see this being a great motivational tool for students.  Students appreciate receiving awards from their teachers.  This little bit of recognition could encourage a student for weeks or months!  In addition to this, students enjoy receiving certificates that say they have accomplished and/or mastered a particular concept, task, or skill.  If a teacher could develop a curriculum where the students are working towards a certain certificate, then those students may be motivated to go above and beyond what they were already doing.

If you are interested in using Certify’Em, I have created a couple of videos to walk you through the set up:

Part 1: Setting Up & Using the Add-On

In this video, you will learn how to set up Certify’Em and use the add-on.

Part 2: Using Custom Templates

If you are interested in going further with Certify’Em, you can learn how to create custom templates for your students!

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Have you used Certify’Em in your classroom?  Or do you have other ideas for how this could be used for your students?  Share in the comments below!

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