Custom Feedback with Classroom’s Comment Bank

As I attended CUE a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to see how many teachers did not know about an amazing tool that exists within Google Classroom: the Comment Bank! The Comment Bank in Google Classroom is an easy way to provide students with personalized feedback AND switch quickly between student assignments. Bonus: You can review any assignments in any file type!

Need a bit more of a walkthrough? Watch this video!

While this is primarily a tool that is used by teachers for students, don’t forget that these same practices can be used by instructional coaches and administrators. I’ve known many sites that use Google Classroom as a way to connect and share information with their staff. On PD days, teachers could be assigned an assignment or an activity to work on together, something relevant to their school and teaching practices, and instructional coaches or administrators could use the comment bank to ask questions or leave comments on their assignment.

Have you used Google Classroom’s comment bank with your students or staff? Share your thoughts and ideas below!

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