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BoostEDU: Instructional Resource Database

It’s been over a year since I started my Google Innovator journey and it is amazing to see the progress of my project, BoostEDU. While I feel like I have been able to accomplish so much, I am still so far from achieving all of the goals and dreams that I have for this program.

A couple of months ago, I launched the “SAMR Database” – a database that contains lessons, activities and project ideas for implementing technology in the classroom. As I launched this database, I realized that keeping it as a “SAMR” database was very limiting. It did not allow a lot of room for growth of the database nor should SAMR be the only method in which we evaluate our lessons. I started thinking about how I could create a database that included SAMR, the 4 C’s, ISTE standards and potentially other methods for evaluating our instructional practices. In addition to this, I also realized that I wanted to create a database that had cross-curricular and subject-specific resources.

That being said, I am excited to announce and launch the BoostEDU: Instructional Resource Database!

While the SAMR database still exists on the BoostEDU website, it will be slowly phased out in the next few weeks. Instead, it has been replaced by a larger and more comprehensive database. In this database, users will lessons, activities, and projects that they can sort by:

  • Content Area
  • Grade Level
  • SAMR
  • 4 C’s
  • ISTE Standards
  • Tech Tools
  • Educator

Interested in seeing it in action? Click HERE and watch the video below!

Would you like to add some ideas to the Instructional Resource Database? Click HERE to submit and you may be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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