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5 Google Slide Tips & Tricks

Each week, myself and my fellow TTL (Team Technology Leader) send out an EdTech Tip to our staff members to assist with technology integration.  In this EdTech Tip, I was excited to share some amazing (but somewhat hidden) tips and tricks that are a part of Google Slides.

As you have probably realized from my posts, I am a HUGE fan of just about anything Google related.  For myself, I tend to use all the Google Apps on a regular basis but Google Slides and Google Forms are most likely the ones that I use every day.  Both of these apps support the environment that I create in my classroom, so I love when I find new tricks that I can use to support my students and to streamline the creation of lessons, activities, and projects.  Plus, some of these tricks are just too cool.

In the following presentation/video, I will cover how to:

  1. Insert images into Google Slides without leaving your current tab.
  2. Mask and modify images into specific and unique shapes from those images.
  3. Link to slides within your slide (a little bit Inception-y, right?).
  4. Edit the master slide (template) to change colors, fonts, etc.
  5. Set up autoplay and trim YouTube videos from within Google Slides.

I have shared both the YouTube video and Google Slide presentation.  Just as our students learn differently, so do we!  If you are visual/auditory learner, I highly suggest that you check out the YouTube video.

If you do not have the patience for the entire video, feel free to check out the presentation below.  It contains the directions + gifs on how to use the tips and tricks.


2 thoughts on “5 Google Slide Tips & Tricks

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I love the idea of using links to make a choose your own adventure story. And I had no idea that it’s possible to edit videos in the slides. I’ll be using that a lot!!

    1. That’s awesome Carla! I did the “Choose Your Own Adventure” with my AVID class last quarter and they really enjoyed it. I will share some examples soon! The YouTube one is so crazy and such a helpful trick!

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