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Exponents & Roots: Google Slides & Resources for Flipping!

Today I will be sharing the resources from our third Unit, which covers square roots, exponents, and scientific notation! The class that I teach is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) but it is an 7th grade Math Honors course that contains all of the 7th grade standards and the majority of the… Read More Exponents & Roots: Google Slides & Resources for Flipping!


Weekly EdTech Tip: EdPuzzle

Our weekly tech tip will be on the website “EdPuzzle”. EdPuzzle is an easy way to engage your students with videos, incorporate intervention and enrichment, and flip your classroom.  Simply pick a video, add your comments and questions, and track your student’s understanding. In my classroom, I use EdPuzzle for: Flipping the Classroom – Students… Read More Weekly EdTech Tip: EdPuzzle



Screencastify is a video screen capture extension for Chrome.  It is able to record all screen activity within a tab or desktop, including audio.  It also has the ability to use your webcam to record videos via the webcam on your computer. I have been using Screencastify throughout the last couple of years for two… Read More Screencastify