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Week at a Glance Template


Schools are a busy place. Between sporting events, clubs, electives, field trips and regular classroom activities, our campuses are filled with fun, engaging and important events. Often times, it can be very easy for staff members to not know what is going on in their campus. Don’t worry – I’ve got a solution!

A couple of years ago, I worked at a middle school where the administrator sent out a weekly “Week at a Glance”. This email was my lifeline for the week. Without it, I truly believe I would have forgotten important meetings, activities or events. In addition to this, it also let me know what other events were occurring on our campus so I could drop in and support our students.


Recently, I’ve been thinking it would be beneficial to create a Slide Deck Template where school leaders could store all of this information. If you are not a school leader, don’t worry – I’ve got some ideas for you, too! Here is what I developed:

Click HERE to view the Slide Deck with Comments!

Click HERE to make your own copy!

Inside this resource, you will find the following sections:

  • Monday Motivation – Share a motivational quote, video, podcast, etc. with your staff/students.
  • Weekly Shout Out – Give a shout out to someone who has done something great on your campus.
  • Professional Development – Share tech tips, resources, articles and/or videos to help staff/students grow.
  • Weekly Events – Share the events for the upcoming week to keep everyone organized and informed!

Finally, the greatest part of having this as an editable Google Slide is that you can make edits to it during the week without sending out another email – exciting, right?!


Administrators/Department Teachers

Use this document to share encourage, motivate, teach and share information with your staff. Update it on a weekly and/or monthly basis. Allow teachers to add comments and/or ask questions by using the “commenting” features.


Use this document to share encourage, motivate, teach and share information with your students and their parents. Update it on a weekly basis. Adjust the template to better fit the daily/weekly needs of your students.

Instructional Coaches

Use this document to share encourage, motivate, teach and share information with the teachers you are mentoring. Update it on a weekly/monthly basis. Add specific information based on the area that you are coaching and include any professional development opportunities that teachers could attend. Maybe even include a “create an appointment” option in the PD slide.

What tools do you use to share information with your staff and/or students? Share in the comments below!

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