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Using Google Slides for Peer to Peer Feedback

I’ve often been asked about my favorite Google App.  Honestly, that is an extremely difficult question!  I am such a huge fan of Google Apps and I use every Google App on a weekly basis.  Yet…if I had to pick my favorite Google App, I think it would have to be Google Slides.  Google Slides is so versatile and it can be used in a variety of ways.  Most people think that Slides are only used for presentations but that is just merely scratching the surface of its possibilities.

Here are a few ways that my students and I have used Google Slides in our classroom:

  • Students regularly view flipped instruction videos that were created using Google Slides and Screencastify.
  • Students regularly participate in lessons, HyperDocs, and PBL that have been designed in Slides where they can respond and comment on the Slide Deck.
  • Students use Google Slides to organize ideas in graphic organizers.
  • Students use a calendar Slide Deck to track all of their assignments and grades for each week.
  • Students have created their own “Create Your Own Adventure” books through Slides.

Although these are just a few ways, it’s easy to see how many unique ways Google Slides can be used!

Today, I want to share with you a template on using Google Slides to store all student responses and encourage peer to peer feedback.  View the Slide Deck below:

Click HERE for your own copy.

This is a Slide Deck I created for our Spartan Tech Squad class as they were determining a problem to solve in their 20Time projects.  Early in the year, I assigned all students a number and this will be their number for the entire year.  This number is used for our Shared Slide Decks.  Students will go to their slide number and respond to the question(s).  Once they have finished responding the question(s), they will write a meaningful response to two students and ask two students a question about their slide.  After they finished commenting and questioning, they will return to their slide and respond to the comments left on their slide deck.

I really love this process because it encourages students to develop meaningful feedback and questions to support other students in developing their ideas within their projects.  By going through this process, it also inspires them to think about their projects in new and unique ways.  For our 20Time Projects, this process has been so helpful!  Many students ask some thoughtful questions about their peer’s projects that inspired new ideas and solutions to form.  In addition to this, it also encouraged students to be more thoughtful in their answers, feedback, and questions.  It took some time for the responses to go from “I like what you said” to something of substance.  However, it was great to see their progress and how it promoted higher levels of communication.

How do you use Google Slides in your classroom?  Do you have any templates to share with us?  Share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Using Google Slides for Peer to Peer Feedback

  1. We have bell ringers and my students do much of the same. I love our what would you do Wednesday’s where students are faced with a moral choice. It’s interesting to see their presence tubes and comments of their friends work.

  2. Thanks for this post, Meagan! Awesome ideas as usual. Quick question: where do students write their two responses and questions? Are they using the Comment function in the Slides presentation (and if so, that means you drop this in your Classroom and give all students Edit access?) or is it done another way? Thanks!

    1. Such a good question! I apologize for not addressing that more clearly in my post.

      Yes – I teach my students how to use the comment feature to create their comments and questions. Then they reply in the comment boxes.

      Thanks for helping me clarify!

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