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Solving Inequalities Scavenger Hunt: A Low-Tech Activity

After working in a 1-1 school district for several years, using technology in the classroom has become second nature to me.  It’s integrated into nearly everything I do in my classroom and with a specific purpose – to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences for students.  Although technology is used in my classroom on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean that we do not do any low-tech activities.  Technology is amazing and can be transformational.  However, I do think that it is okay to have times where students take a step back from technology and do something low-tech and different.

Currently, my students are going through our second unit, Expressions and Equations.  Last week, they learned about the difference between equations and expressions, how to solve one-step equations, and how to solve and graph one-step inequalities.  This can be a heavy week for my students because these concepts are completely new to them.  Throughout our first unit, the students mostly reviewed concepts that they had learned in elementary school.  Our second unit is where we start to introduce concepts that expand off the first unit but also require them to learn new skills.

Since there is so much to learn, I have found that my students need different ways to review concepts that have been taught.  Most of the time, this consists of BreakoutEDU games, a PBL in HyperDoc form, etc.  Usually, it is something technology based.  However, there are times when they need to get up and get moving.

Enter…A Scavenger Hunt!

In a scavenger hunt, cards will be placed around the classroom.  Students will select a starting point and solve the problem.  Once this problem is solved, they will find their answer on another card that has been placed somewhere else in the room.  They will repeat this process until they are back to their original card.

Although this is a low-tech and not necessarily high DOK or 4 C’s activity, I truly believe that this is okay for students from time to time.  Sometimes our students need the opportunity to play games, work with other students, and move around the classroom.  Sometimes it’s okay to just let them have some fun…but maybe I’m crazy.  🙂

Solving One-Step Inequalities: A Low-Tech Scavenger Hunt

Objective: Students will use their knowledge of solving and graphing one-step inequalities to complete a scavenger hunt.

Groups: Individual or Small Groups (2-3 Students)

Tasks: Students will:

  1. Select a starting card – it doesn’t matter which one!
  2. Write down the name of the superhero and answer the problem on a separate paper.
  3. Walk around the classroom and find the answer to the problem that they solved.
  4. Answer the problem on the new card.
  5. Repeat until they are back to their original card.

View the template and a sample below:

One-Step Inequalities Scavenger Hunt (Link)

What are some of your favorite low-tech activities to do with your students that gets them moving and increases engagement?  Share in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Solving Inequalities Scavenger Hunt: A Low-Tech Activity

  1. When I pulled up the slides, I was really excited to use this with my students as I wanted an activity. However, there are some slides without a problem listed. I know I could make one up, but I didn’t have time to do it. Maybe you could make sure those get updated or notate they are missing.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      If you follow the set up instructions, you will see that the pages are supposed to be printed 1-2 sided. This means that some of the pages are supposed to be blank because that side will be stapled against the wall.

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