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Schoolwide Distance Learning Website

As many districts start the year in distance learning, I have developed a distance learning website in Google Sites that can be used to increase communication between the school and parents/students. Basically, it is the one-stop-shop for all of a family’s distance learning needs and support! Communication with our families is going to be essential if distance learning is to be a success. I hope that you find this FREE resource valuable for your school. Let’s dive into it!

Click the image above or click HERE to view the website.

The distance learning website is broken into the following sections:

General Info

In this section, parents and students can find general information on Chromebook repairs, lunch options, and other FAQ’s. It contains a broad overview of the site’s distance learning plan.


I absolutely believe that this will be the most utilized and beneficial page for students and parents. In this section, students can find their teachers, the teacher’s contact information, their distance learning plan, and a short, introductory video that introduces the teachers and walks them through their Google Classroom and other digital resources. While students are comfortable with technology, not all of the parent community will be. My hope is that this supports our parents in supporting their students.


Nothing fancy here – just the administration’s contact information and a short video introducing themselves.


Many students will have questions for their counselors during distance learning. Here, students can find their counselor’s information and even submit a counseling request form.

Tech Support

The top tech questions are answered in this section, along with a variety of videos to support students with accessing their student’s grades or using other technology (ex: Google Classroom).

Parent Resources

Many districts have resources for parents during distance learning – link them here!

Here is a quick video on a walkthrough of the website, as well as tips and tricks to copy and modify your own:

Interested in your own copy? Follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the Distance Learning Site Template folder in Google Drive.
  2. Right-click on the following file –> **(MAKE A COPY) Distance Learning Website Template**.
  3. Select “Make a Copy”.
  4. Right-click your new copy and select “Move To” and move it to your own folder.

Here’s a short GIF on how to do this:

How does your school plan on increasing communication with families during distance learning? Share below!

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