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Ready to Share Weekly PD!

As I entered this school year, one of my goals was to continue to stay up-to-date on the latest educational strategies, tools, and news. Since I am no longer in the classroom on a daily basis, I want to ensure that I continue to grow as an instructional leader on my site. More importantly, my ultimate goal was to stay up-to-date on these trends so that I could share them with our staff members on a weekly basis.

Enter…Snake Pit PD!

Snake Pit PD is a weekly professional development where I compile a variety of educational strategies, resources, articles and videos to share with our staff. The “Snake Pit” part comes from our logo which is a rattler. In this PD, I have broken it down to four areas:

  • Tech Tip: A quick tip or update on technology tools for the classroom.
  • Try it Out: A lesson, activity or resource that teachers can use in their classroom.
  • Articles to Read: Three articles to read covering topics from instructional strategies, technology, SEL, RTI and more.
  • Videos to Watch: Motivational videos to inspire people who work in schools.

Ready to see more? Check out my “I Heart EDU” version below:

(View) (Copy)

Here is the best part – I am updating the above template on a weekly basis and you can totally steal it and send it to your staff on a weekly basis, too! I’ve created a duplicate, branded as “I Heart EDU” of the same slides that I am sending to my staff each week. Feel free to take these slides and send them to your staff!

If you are interested in creating your own, here is a blank template:

(View) (Copy)

How do share instructional strategies with your staff? Share in the comments below!

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