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Post-It Project (Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Scale, & More!)

Recently, I read some interesting articles about offices that were creating post-it murals to cover their walls.  Click HERE or HERE to see the offices.  As I looked at these offices, I knew that there was a math project within these decorations.  Several math concepts came to mind, such as measurement, scale, and converting between fraction, decimal, and percent.  See the PowerPoint below that was given to the students to guide them through their project.

As I showed in the PowerPoint, there were two parts to this project.  Our school is 1-1, so every student has a Chromebook.  The students created and submitted their drawings on the Haiku discussion boards and responded to each other’s drawings.  This allowed them to see the projects of students from all of my math classes and to leave positive feedback on each other’s murals.  Throughout the project, the students used these Haiku discussion boards as a way to communicate with students, while preparing for their final draft.

Each student completed an individual project.  Based upon these projects, each table group voted on their favorite mural at their table.  The students were given two strips of paper and had to measure and cut the paper to be exactly 5 feet by 5 feet.  Each group received their post-it notes and began to create their post-it murals.

See the post-it murals below!  Click HERE for the Rough Draft Project and click HERE for the Final Draft Project.


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