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Interactive Notebook – The Beginning

This year I have decided to implement Interactive Notebooks.  It is very exciting because I tend to be a creative person but it also adds a bit of work on my part, to ensure that the books are beneficial and relevant to the students.

Although we are finishing up the first quarter at my school, we are going to start “true” interactive notebooks this week.  The reason I say “true” interactive notebooks is because we have been creating interactive notebooks but not in a composition notebook, which seems to be the most popular method.  So, in a sense, my students are comfortable with creating graphic organizers and foldables but not within their composition books.

The reason I am switching from the “paper” method to the composition notebooks is in the hope that the students will not throw these away after we finish a unit.  Currently, once we finish a unit, the students ask, “Can I throw it away now?”  But, I want them to keep it for future reference on the things they have learn.  Plus, the foldables are so cute that I want them to keep it!

Below I have found some resources for setting up an interactive notebook.

I have 5 notebooks: Master Copy and 4 notebooks for my four blocks of math that I teach.  Inside, I have inserted a “Table of Contents” page and a “Vocabulary” page.

The “Table of Contents” insert comes from StatTeacher.  It looks like this:




The vocabulary pages  that I modified look like this:



The links for the vocabulary can be found HERE.

I hope you can find some of this information and resources helpful!

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