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Googley Resources for Monday Morning

Last weekend, I attended and presented at the LA County EdTechTeam Summit.  During my “Four Easy Steps for Flipping the Classroom” presentation, the attendees were really excited that I had created a video of the session for them to view at a later date.  Many times, there is so much information received at conferences that it is hard to retain all of it.  Since I received such positive feedback on that feature, I decided to create a video of one of my other sessions, “Google Resources for Monday Morning”.

“Googley Resources for Monday Morning” tends to be my most popular session.  It is filled with lots of goodies and resources that you can immediately begin using in your classroom.  Everything is already created and all you have to do is simply make your own copy.  This is really popular with teachers that are new to using educational technology in the classroom.  It is so easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure how to start.  My goal is to make that part easier by providing pre-made resources that allow teachers to try in their classroom without feeling overwhelmed in the “creation” process.

Here are some of the resources I share:

  • Daily Check-In: Use Google Forms to create a check-in for your students to complete at the beginning of class.
  • Vocabulary Slide Deck: Use Google Slides to complete Frayer models of vocabulary words.
  • HyperDoc Sub Plans: Use Google Drawings to create substitute lesson plans for your students – and never lose a day of teaching!
  • Google Drawings Graphic Organizers: Use Google Drawings to create graphic organizers to help students organize and synthesize concepts.
  • Calendars & Project Planners: Use Google Slides to create calendars for students to track assignments and project progress.

To view this presentation, click HERE for the presentation, resources, and important links.  If you would like a walkthrough on these resources, view the video below:

What are some of your favorite resources and templates that you have created for your classroom?  Share with us below!

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