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GeoWorld Smashboard: A BreakoutEDU Digital

To prepare for our end of the unit assessment, I assigned my students a BreakoutEDU Digital to review the concepts that we had covered throughout our Geometry unit.  Before I created the BreakoutEDU, I asked my students for ideas on the “theme” of the next BreakoutEdu.  One of the most interesting ideas that I heard from my students was to create a gameboard instead of a story – I loved it!

Enter…The “GeoWorld” BreakoutEDU Digital!

Little did I know, that the gameboard that I was creating aligned with Dee Lanier’s smashboard idea for his Google Innovator project.  Also, I encourage you to check out his smashboard idea in the EdTechTeam Blog: How to Smashboard.

The Storyline:

Unlike my other BreakoutEDU Digital activities, this one did not have a storyline.   At the beginning, it is a bit tricky because the Google Site is not organized as I have done in the past.  Instead, the students are given a series of choices (yes/maybe/no) that will lead them to the “gameboard”.  If they choose “yes”, they are immediately taken to the gameboard.  If not, the students are taken on a journey that…well, it basically leads them nowhere.  Once they get to the gameboard, students are challenged to answer a variety of Google Forms and see how they are all used together to break the code.  Certain spaces match other spaces, so these concepts and answers tend to go together.

In this BreakoutEDU, students will:

  • Calculate the area of rectangles, triangles, circles, and trapezoids.
  • Calculate the area of combined and shaded figures.
  • Calculate the surface area and volume of three-dimensional figures.
  • Calculate the missing angles of shapes.
  • Use their knowledge of area to solve word problems based on real-life scenarios.

Digital Tools Used:

In this BreakoutEDU, I have used the following digital tools and resources:

  • Google Forms (of course!)
  • Google Sites
  • Google Drawings
  • Hidden/Embedded Links
  • Jigsaw Planet
  • EdPuzzle

Most of the BreakoutEDU requires students to answer problems on Google Forms but they do have to find the forms and/or break into the forms to solve the problems.

To access the “GeoWorld” Breakout EDU Digital, click HERE.

Final Thoughts:

At this point, I have made several BreakoutEDU Digital activities for my students.  Now, I want to put it in their hands.  Over the next few weeks, my enrichment groups will be working on building their own BreakoutEDU Digital on concepts that they have been taught during this school year.  Several groups have already started and it is amazing to see how quickly they catch on to all of the technology tools that they need to use.  I cannot wait to see what they create!

Enjoy the activity and feel free to send me some feedback!

9 thoughts on “GeoWorld Smashboard: A BreakoutEDU Digital

  1. Hello Meagan,
    I love the Geoworld but having trouble with the Yellow Sunshine link (Euro question and Percent). It will not accept answers. I have a couple of teachers wanting to use it in their math classes but wondered if you could check that.

    1. Hello!

      Can you DM me on Twitter? My handle is @meagan_e_kelly – I would love to give you some hints on there! 🙂

      1. My class is having the same trouble. We’re loving this breakout, but we’re stumped on the yellow sunshine link. I tried to DM you on Twitter, but I am apparently not allowed. Any help you can give?

    1. That’s too funny – this is the second time I have heard about Deck.Toys in the last couple of days. I am going to have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! Is there a way to hide the conditional formatting on Google sheets from students? I’ve created some puzzles with sheets but ultimately the kids can check the formatting to view the answer if they are clever enough to figure it out. Thanks!

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