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Creating a Class Newsletter with MailChimp

Effective communication between teachers and parents is one of the greatest factors of student success. The more teachers communicate with parents, the more parents will understand about the classroom, procedures, and their child’s progress in class. While we all know that teacher/parent communication is important, it can often be difficult to put systems into place… Read More Creating a Class Newsletter with MailChimp

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BoostEDU: SAMR Self-Assessment Overview

Earlier this month, I publicly released my Google Innovator Project: BoostEDU.  BoostEDU is a program that supports teachers in transforming their traditional lessons through an inquiry-based self-assessment and guided lesson design process.  (Interested in learning more?  Watch this video.)  It’s been a lot of work but it has been very exciting to hear feedback from… Read More BoostEDU: SAMR Self-Assessment Overview