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BoostEDU: SAMR Resources to “Boost” Your Lessons

One of the key features of BoostEDU is the SAMR Self-Assessments.  In the SAMR Self-Assessments, educators are given the opportunity to assess the depth of SAMR in two ways:

  • In-Depth SAMR Self-Assessment is used to analyze the depth of SAMR in specific areas of a lesson.  Educators will receive an editable Google Doc to add ideas for future lessons.
  • Basic SAMR Self-Assessment is a short self-assessment that provides educators with the depth of SAMR in their overall classroom.

Personally, I really love the In-Depth SAMR Self-Assessment due to the depth that educators can evaluate their lessons and how it gives them a step towards boosting their old lessons.  One of the great benefits of this self-assessment is the instructional strategy and tech tools suggestions that can be selected and added to a Google Doc.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to test this out, I highly encourage you to click on the link above and assess one of your lessons.

In addition to this self-assessment, I also created a series of Google Docs that contain ALL of the instructional strategy and tech tool suggestions.  These documents are really helpful with designing new lessons and/or redesigning old lessons.  While all of these resources are included in the self-assessment, I felt that some educators might benefit from being able to quickly view all of these suggestions in one place.

Ready to boost your lesson? Check out these resources from the SAMR self-assessment!

CALL TO ACTION: As you might have noticed, the documents are open for anyone to COMMENT.  That’s right, I would love to hear your ideas and have feedback added to this document.  For instance, do you have any ideas for suggestions or tech tools for these areas of a lesson?  Add them in the comments!

Interested in becoming more involved? I would love to have some educators review BoostEDU and highlight their review on this blog.  Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested!

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