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#OneNewThing: Black Menu for Google Extension

In this week’s #OneNewThing, I am excited to share an extension that I found for Chrome: Black Menu for Google! First, I have to admit – I have quite the addiction for Google extension. I have way too many extensions on my browser but, I swear they all serve a purpose!

Anyways, the Black Menu for Google is an extension that gives you quick access to your favorite Google services with a simple drop-down menu. Check it out!

Interested in learning more about this awesome extension? Watch this video!

As always, I want to bring it back to a pedagogical focus. Here are some ways this can support you and your students in the classroom:

  • Time Saver – Teachers and students can navigate GSuite quickly and effectively without multiple tabs.
  • Student Research – As students are conducting research for assignments, they can search within the extension, rather than another tab.
  • Promotes GSuite Apps – There are so many underutilized GSuite tools. By using this extension, it is easy to find and begin using tools that you may not have explored yet.

Have you used the Black Menu for Google? How could this support your students? Share in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “#OneNewThing: Black Menu for Google Extension

  1. Looks like it’s an easy tool for navigating into thy Gsuite. I will try it & let you know should I have any further thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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